Sale and Lease Info

2024 Update
Estoppel fee $299
Application fee $150 per unit, includes returning seasonal lease applications (does not include renewing yearly lease)
Realtors/Bankers/Mortgage Co - If you need access to the following documents please register on our website as a Realtor/Prop Mgr and you will have access to the Realty Support section - once registered hover over Sales and Lease and click on Realty Support.
There you will find:
Wind Mitigations, Budget, Financial Statement, Application Forms, FAQ, Notice of Commencements
Condo Questionnaire - We offer Fannie Mae 1076/Freddie Mac 476 (inc addendums) only, we do not do individual condo questionnaires.
Apartment Hunters - Oak Forrest is a condominium, not apartments.  Owners do their own leasing, it is not done via the office.  Contact one of the below listed agencies and they can provide information about leasing here or other places in the area.
Property Management, Realty Companies 
Oak Forrest does not endorse any of these companies.  We provide this list for informational purposes only.  Oak Forrest office does NOT arrange leases or sales of units, that is the responsibility of the owners themselves.  These names are provided from current/past owners that have used these companies.  You may call these companies to ask about units at 1515 Forrest Nelson Blvd.
Listed in no particular order:
    Sunbelt Management Services LLC, Cindy Loewe, 941-764-7777
    Mid Florida Property Management Charlotte County LLC, Rene Alessandro, 941-893-4443
    Palm Realty Property Management, Adam Beaudette, 941-661-2019
    Coldwell Banker Sunstar Realty, Audra Pulaskie, 941-391-0965
    AM-PM Properties, Jayne Ruley, 941-743-4000
    MVP Realty Associates, Claudia DeBruyn Realtor, 781-799-7570
    Key Solutions Real Estate, Dawn Bear, 941-468-7224
 Also try and/or
Some common rules: 
Owners who have purchased after 5/5/2023 must wait 2 years before leasing
    No pets.
    No short-term rentals allowed, lease required 30 day min.
We are not a rental apartment type setup, we do not allow BNB type rentals
    55 plus community (100%) at least one occupant must be 55+
    The condo has 1 or 2 bedroom units only
Declaration 13.6  Age Restrictions. In accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988, and the Housing for Older Persons Act of 1995, and comparable legislation adopted by the State of Florida, at least one person fifty-five (55) years of age or older must be a permanent occupant of each unit while any other person occupies said unit. Persons under the age of fifty-five (55) and over the age of sixteen (16) may occupy and reside in a unit as long as one of the occupants is age fifty-five (55) or older. Persons under the age of sixteen (16) shall not occupy a unit on a permanent basis but may occupy a unit on a temporary basis, not to exceed thirty (30) days in any calendar year.
Declaration 14.3 A  Notice to Association 
1)   Sale or Gift. An owner intending to make a sale or gift of his unit or any interest therein shall give to the Board or its designee written notice of such intention at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of the proposed transfer, together with the name and address of the proposed purchaser or donee and such other information as the Board may reasonably require.
Declaration 15.1  Procedures.
A.    Notice. An owner intending to lease his unit shall give to the Board or its designee written notice of such intention at least twenty (20) days prior to the proposed transaction, together with the name and address of the proposed lessee and all other occupants (including the lessee's spouse, a copy of the proposed lease, and such other information as the Board may reasonably require. The Board may require the personal appearance of any lessee and his spouse, if any, as a condition of approval. The interview may be conducted over the telephone if it would be inconvenient for the applicant to appear for a personal interview.
Declaration 15.2  Term of Lease and Frequency of Leasing. No unit may be leased more than six (6) times in any calendar year, with the minimum lease term being thirty (30) days. No lease may be for a period of more than one (1) year, and no option for the lessee to extend or renew the lease period for any additional periods shall be permitted. However, the Board may, at its discretion, approve the same lease from year to year. No subleasing or assignment of lease rights by the lessee is allowed. Only those persons named in the Application for Approval may occupy a unit. Guests of lessees are subject to the same restrictions as unit owners as provided in Section 13.2 of this Declaration.