Reminders to residents:
Turn off water above hot water heater.
Check toilet flappers/valves to make sure they are not running (Bldg A problem cost us all approx $2500 extra last month, water leaking $1500, leak detection contractor $1000)
Set humidity sensors and A/C
Have your place watched/checked on per insurance company recommendations.
If leaving cars, no boards under tires.  Office must have a set of car keys for cars left here (we have 4 roofs being done this summer and if cars cannot be moved, they will be towed at your expense).
Lanai totally cleaned off. NOTHING left on lanai.
Bikes inside units (not on lanai, not left in bike rack)
Reminder of Gov Doc items
Washer hoses required to be stainless steel hoses, dryer vent to be metallic
Master keys to unit required
Must notify the office when selling/leasing.  Office will not release info to realtors if you have not been notified us to do so.


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