Events Calendar for Oak Forrest Condo
Recurring events may be temporarily suspended for special event functions.
Private parties may be requested by completing a request form in the office.  There is a $100 cleaning deposit required, returned after confirmation of cleaning. Private parties are best scheduled on Saturdays during season.
Bocce Ball - the court is at the far end of the complex behind Building R.  The equipment is in the shed near the court, accessible by your assigned key.
Shuffleboard - courts are located near all three pools.  The equipment is in the cabinets near pool 1 and 2, and inside the shed near the Bocce court for the pool 3 courts.
The BBQ areas located near all three pools are open to all residents.  Please clean the grill when finished and securely cover them after the grill has cooled.  When propane is needed, it is located behind the storage shed next to the maintenance garage, accessible by your assigned key.  Please observe the posted tagging rules so we know when the tanks need to be refilled.

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